My Camera and Me.


This is me using my camera. Joe took it while we were walking around the Imperial War Museum. I’ve had a lot of confidence knocks since I became interested in photography but I haven’t let it stand in my way. I don’t showcase my work – anyone who has found this blog has found it because they’ve searched the tags I use, or they follow my personal blog. None of my friends really know about the blog and I don’t share it anywhere.

I prefer to get feedback from people I don’t know. It always seems to me more constructive and helpful than what I get from friends and family. Maybe they just want to be more positive, or maybe they don’t want to hurt my feelings. But, I’d rather get some real feedback.

I feel like I’m generally better shooting people than places – the shots always look nicer in my opinion – but I’m trying to get good at both. Any feedback anyone has would be really welcome. From the set up of the shot to the editing that takes place.

Also, if there’s anything you’d like me to shoot, let me know. I’m thinking of setting weekly posts where you can all set me challenges, but I’m going to wait until I have a bigger following so it gets seen a bit more. Any ideas would be great!



3 thoughts on “My Camera and Me.

  1. I got my first camera canon t5i for Christmas. My daughter and husband were tired of me saying I wanted to learn so they give me the extra push. 🙂 I’m learning, slowly, and I’m looking forward to looking at your work.


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